Kate Liston-Mills is the author of The Waterfowl Are Drunk! (2015 ebook, 2016 illustrated collection of short stories) and Dear Ibis (illustrated collection of short stories released June, 2021). Liston-Mills has worked as a journalist for both regional and urban publications and has had short stories, reviews and poetry published in various Australian journals and anthologies. Kate is a qualified librarian and is deeply motivated by the changing information landscape. She is passionate about literacy and education and she is deeply committed to the use of technology to build community. 

Kate sustained an Acquired Brain Injury in 2004 which resulted in three hemorrhages, two in her frontal lobe and one in her occipital lobe. Despite the challenges and residual damages left from this injury, Kate has continued to study and work part time, finding much solace and fulfillment in the creative process. She has a Bachelor of Education (Primary), Bachelor of Creative Writing, Freelance Journalism Certificate and Master of Education (Teacher-Librarian). Kate lives on Yuin land on Australia’s Far South Coast in a little town called Pambula, working as a mother, creative writer, librarian, tutor and recently as a radio host for Little Fictions On Air, a radio program that showcases the best of Australian short fiction.

*Photos by Kate Liston-Mills, taken at Panboola wetlands and waterbird sanctuary in Pambula, NSW.